CORRELATIONS, LLC is the fresh new face of personal and professional training development. 

Imagine the life you have always dreamed of living, with no boundaries. Imagine a life filled with success and achievement, and a deep sense of personal fulfillment. Helena Paschal has studied successful Communication strategies and has developed patterns of success for more than 10 years, and her dream is to share these strategies with you. Your custom coaching program with Correlations will allow you to discover and implement the same changes that have helped C-level executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals dramatically improve their professions and their lives.

Small Business Coaching $250 (value $300) Small Business Coaching involves 3 intensive one-on-one coaching sessions designed to help the busy entrepreneur establish specific goals and proven action plans. This program is ideal for the new small business owner who is transitioning from employee to entrepreneur. This program gives you the skills you need to network effortlessly and expand your client base. You will meet with a coach once a week in person or via phone.

Persuasive Communication Coaching $550 (value $600) Persuasive Communication Coaching involves 6 intensive one-on-one coaching sessions designed to equip individuals with techniques for persuading an audience, negotiating, and closing the sale. This program is perfect for the professional who is required to sell a service or a product on a regular basis. You will meet with a coach twice a week in person and over the phone.

Leadership Communication Coaching $950 (value $1,200) Leadership Communication Coaching is our premiere coaching program, which includes 12 intensive one-on-one coaching sessions. This program is offered by our Leadership Coaches who have set themselves apart in the coaching profession. They are the best! Leadership Coaches are exclusive communication trainers and coaches who will empower you with the intense training, focus and accountability you need to achieve the results you want—faster than you ever dreamed possible. Leadership coaching is the ultimate decision for professionals who are transitioning from management to executive status or self employed to business owner. You will meet with a coach 2-3x weekly and over the phone.

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